Past Shows

Don’t Dribble on the Dragon!


My brother has a dragon and he keeps it secretly. Within a box beneath his socks. He’s hiding it from me… Tom is a toddler with a big, older brother, a secret dragon… and a dribbling problem that just won’t stop! When Tom’s endless drooling threatens to tear the brothers’ friendship apart can his dragon’s crazy magic help them put it back together again…or will it only end up making things worse? Based on the fabulous new book by Steven Lee and with magic designed by TV legend Paul Daniels, this spectacular musical adventure about growing up and the importance of family is the perfect feel good show for big hearted adults, cheeky cool kids and loving little ones alike. As an extra treat, Steven will be available to sign copies of Don’t Dribble On The Dragon which you can bring with you or buy in the theatre after the show.


The Twelve Days of Christmas


Twelve Days of Christmas

Poor Christopher the Christmas Elf is terribly clumsy. He just can’t help himself. But when one of his little accidents looks like it might have ruined Christmas for good he is stripped of his Christmas Elf title and banished from The North Pole forever. Alone and cold and with just twelve days left until Santa sets off on his sleigh, can a host of friendly strangers including a drummer, a piper, a milk maid and a partridge in a pear tree help him get back home and put things right? Based on the ever popular Christmas carol this charming, sing along musical takes a heart warming look at the true meaning of Christmas through a magical mixture of games, giggles and feel-good family fun (not to mention all your favourite festive songs!) So join Chris and his friends and together let’s discover why Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year!


Old MacDonald had a Farm


Old MacDonald had a Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O. But Old MacDonald’s animals have gone missing! Can you help a friendly scientist and his amazing time machine get them back for him? Presented by the team behind There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly and written especially for parents to enjoy with their children, this fun filled farmyard tale brings to life all the best loved characters from the original nursery rhyme along with a magical medley of games, giggles and sing along songs including Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes, She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain and of course Old MacDonald Had A Farm. So come and relive the delights of this most charming of tales told with a captivating combination of live action, puppetry and animation by the creators of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.


The Elephant Bridesmaid


Based on one of the titles from the best selling book How The Koala Learnt To Hug and Other Australian Fairytales and written especially for parents to enjoy with their children The Elephant Bridesmaid is a heart warming musical about weddings and wombats and the loveliest elephant that ever there was.So join the fantastic People’s Theatre Company for some great stories, sing along songs, superb games and first class trumpeting. It’s enough to make every day feel like your special day! For ages 4 – 104.

Bink and the hairy Fairy


Lord Murkor is a wicked elf. An incredibly powerful, wicked elf with an incredibly evil and sinister plan, and if that plan works then soon the royal family will be dead and Murkor will rule the Kingdom of the Elves in their place! The only chance the Elves have is if their hero Bink can think of a way to save them…But thinking is not exactly Bink’s strong point. Can the loyalty of his friends, the love of the princess or a wonderful little secret help Bink defeat Lord Murkor, or is he going to need something altogether more magical…and just a teensy bit hairier?

Bink and the Riddle of the Sphinx


The king of the elves is delighted to finally have a son but when the Sphinx steals him away he is forced on an adventure in which he finds that sometimes the things that scare us the most are really not so bad after all. So forget your fears and join the award winning People’s Theatre Company for a fun filled voyage through the myths and legends of history complete with a feast of heroes to cheer, baddies to boo and smash hit songs to sing along to.

The Witch’s Bogey


Baba Yaga is an evil witch who likes nothing better than eating sweet, young girls for dinner. Virtue is a sweet, young girl… When the two of them meet in this magical pop musical it can only wind up with someone coming to a grotty, dotty and quite possibly snotty end!
Based on the classic Russian folk tale of “Baba Yaga The Witch”, The Witch’s Bogey is a funky musical fairytale about good versus evil and the magic of family guaranteed to delight absolutely anyone who’s ever lived, loved or blown their nose!


How The Koala Learnt To Hug


How The Koala Learnt To Hug has been adapted from Steven Lee’s popular collection of short stories, published under the title How The Koala Learnt To Hug and Other Australian Fairytales. Written especially for parents to enjoy with their children, How The Koala Learnt To Hug is a charming new musical about the magic of family and, of course, the importance of a nice warm hug! So join Steven and a host of wild characters including Natascha the Witch, the reggae beavers and Karen the Koala for some great stories, sing along songs, superb games and first class hugging. All you need are your ears. (And your arms!)